About Us

Our story

Our major connection to our roots is through the foods we grew up eating. My Native Land Foods Inc. was established with one purpose in mind: for our clients to continue connecting to their roots in our adopted Country.

Grocery shopping is always a rushed event, because of the one hundred and one other thing pending to do, and we end up most of the time forgetting to pick all the grocery items we need.

Mynativeland.ca eases the stress associated with traditional grocery shopping by providing an online platform for you to purchase a variety of items (Food, fashion, news, accessories, etc.). We will deliver your selected items to your door step. We provide a wide range of delicious products that let you enjoy the unique essence of the motherland right in your own kitchen no matter where you live.

Mission Statement

To Provide quality products for the convenience of our customers


To be the choice destination for Afro-Caribbean food and beauty products in Canada


We will always stock products of good quality.


We are committed to providing exceptional shopping experience.
Our customers would get exactly what they ordered.


Commitment to prompt, personalized service delivery